Jamie Graham – #2 on Babepedia’s Most Viewed List – April 16, 2017

With girl-next-door looks this natural breasted babe comes as no surprise when she ranks so highly on Babepedia’s list of most viewed glamour babes.  This petite firecracker with 34D boobs is a winner in every sense of the word.  As a former Playboy Cybergirl and now making it to one of the highest positions at Babepedia’s ranking indices, she’s the real deal.

See here 8.8 rated picture gallery here or by clicking her photo preview below.

jamie graham adult model babepedia

See Jami Graham’s full biography and wiki style details on her profile page at Bapepedia.

Leanna Decker – #1 Ranked in the Top Redheads category – April 15 2017

Leanna Decker, hailing from Kentucky, comes to Babepedia’s pages to grace it as the #1 highest ranked redhead on our site.  This spicy adult model has been a Playboy Cybergirl no less than twice though all this time, she’s been in our hearts!  The very sexy and alluring redhead has a unique zeal for posing in the nude and it shows through her fine work.  Her radiant personality and stunning good-lucks are only eclipsed by her unique auburn-red hair color and twinkling eyes.

Learn more about Leanna Decker on her Babepedia profile page which has links to our own photo galleries of Leanna as well.

Below is a preview photo that is linked to her highest rated picture gallery:

leanna decker redhead glamour babe naked

Charlotte McKinney – #1 Ranked in the Top Real and Big Breasts category – April 12 2017

We here at Babepedia have found that giant natural tits really get guys juices flowing.  We might just have to make a poll soon to see just serious is is.  But we hear you.  I thought now would be a good time to release the hounds on our currently #1 ranked in the Top Real and Big Breasts list, Charlotte McKinney.

Charlotte McKinney is young, blonde and weighing in with some hefty F cups weighting her down.  While she may feel it in her lower back, we are certainly feeling it ‘somewhere else’.

Check out the full Top Real and Big Breasts list for current rankings at any time.  (The rankings are updated dynamically) here.

Check out Charlotte’s profile for more information and links here.

Click the photo below to go straight to her feature photo gallery here on Babepedia!

Charlotte McKinney blonde young and big natural breasts

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Give Me Pink discount deals

Ariana Marie – CherryPimps Cherry of the Month April 2017

The eternally stunning Ariana Marie, has been listed as CherryPimp’s Cherry of the Month for April 2017.  Along with her new title, CherryPimps released a hot new photo gallery of the young Latina pornstar.  Ariana Marie has won multiple awards before and this certainly won’t be her last.  Her perfectly shaped boobs and her nicely proportioned slim body coupled with a beautiful face ensure that.

Throughout the month of April we will be posting picture galleries of Ariana Marie here at Babepedia.  Check our main page daily to see when the newest galleries are posted or go directly to Ariana Marie’s profile page to see her full listing of galleries and biographical information.

Ariana Marie Latina Pornstar biography information on Babepedia

Playboy Cybergirl of the Month for April 2017 – Demi Fray

A big congratulations to Demi Fray for being this April, 2017’s Playboy Cybergirl of the Month!  She has high ratings from our voters at Babepedia and it is great know that Playboy shares in our pleasure.  I want to thank Playboy for bringing Demi to the world stage and getting her naked but I also want to thank our free users (register here) who vote on all the picture galleries and profiles we post.  We love ya!
Demi Fray and Babepedia list Playboys Cyber Girl of the Month

Kenna James – #1 Ranked in the Top Pornstar category – April 10 2017


top rated pornstar Kenna James

You never know what you’re going to get on this blog.  One day, it might be a new award a girl was given being announced, another it could be a link to a gallery or even a girl vs. girl showdown contest.

Today, we’re getting right in to the good stuff.  As of April 10th, 201y, Kenna James, is our highest rated babe in the ‘Pornstar‘ category.  See the entire list with thumbnail previews here.  See the list in just text format here.  Click Kenna James’s photo to go right to my personal favorite gallery of hers, which garnered over a 9 rating amongst Babepedia voters.  Long live porn!  Long live Kenna James!

#1 Highest Rated Picture Gallery on Babepedia April 2, 2017 – Amber Sym

Let’s take a moment to bask in the sexual radiance of the mind boggling Amber Sym.  Amber is the focus of our #1 highest rated babe gallery on Babepedia.  She is young, beautiful and full of life.  Sure, it does not hurt that she is also super sex with natural breasts and a smile that could melt any man’s heart!  Take the opportunity to see all of Amber Sym’s photo galleries by clicking here.

The specific babe gallery that is rated numero uno on Babepedia can be found below:

amber sym top rated picture gallery on babepedia.com

Babepedia’s Top 5 Babes – March 29, 2017

When we here at Team Babepedia were discussing our first post quite a few ideas were tossed around.  We figured, what better way than showcasing our top 5 overall babes!  From there we will focus the microscope on more particular types of girls and other ‘different’ things that normally don’t quite fit Babepedia’s longstanding format.

So, without further ado, I give you Babepedia’s Top 5 Babes, as voted by you, registered users of our sprawling, naked babe loving community!

#5 Top Rated Babepedia Babe, Helga Lovekaty

Helga Lovekaty is a Russian escort and adult model.  I’d bet that also means a sugar baby.  If you’ve got the cash, you can probably have the girl.  I’m just saying!

We here at Babepedia simply love Helga.  She’s a completely stunning babe in every facet.  Feast your eyes on one of our over 100,000+ galleries, sitewide; this one featuring the one and only Helga Lovekaty!

helga lovekaty top rated babe at babepedia


#4 Top Rated Babepedia Babe, Juli Annee

California girl and social media star, Juli Annee, is one sexy babe.  That cannot be denied.  It can also be celebrated, as we do here, as the fourth most popular babe on our site!  We wait for the day she comes out with some killer nudes for us to indulge upon, but until then, we will ogle at her raw sexiness through whatever media she wants!  Check out this smoking hot selfie Juli Annee took on her bed:

instagram sexy model Juli Annee selfies

#3 Top Rated Babepedia Babe, Abi Ratchford

This DD big boobed girl is an escort and model is a true busty stunner. What I don’t understand is how you can be an escort (which, ostensibly implies you’re going to be naked for your client), and not post nude.  Regardless, it’s her choice and we will still spank away at her non-nude, yet sexy photos.  If you’re a big boob, bikini or lingerie type of guy.  You’re going to love Abi Ratchford’s photos and videos.

Collectively, our Babepedia members could care less if she were naked as she ranks on our list at #3 in the overall most popular category!  That’s no easy task and no basic girl is ever going to achieve that.  Congratulations, Abigail Ratchford!

Here is a complete grid listing of Abi Ratchford’s galleries listed here:

abi ratchford on the beach in white chaffon top rated babe abigail ratchford in sensual bikini by the pool drinking abi ratchford big boobs stunning top rated babepedia girl abi ratchford pciure gallery in red lingerie boobs babepedia top rated abi ratchford big natural tits glamour girl babepedia top rated girl

#2 Top Rated Babepedia Babe, Holly Peers

We’re almost there, folks! Coming in at a cool #2 is Babepedia registered users ratings is the ever-sexy, Holly Peers.  This buxom British (from Man-CHESTER nonetheless), girl is from a biracial background and her tits tell the rest of the story.  She works as an escort/model and is NOT AFRAID to show off her giant boobs.  We have many pictures of the lovely Holly Peers topless, displaying ungodly perfect tits and a fit body for us to bask in.  Let’s go!

holly peers babepedia 2 rated popular busty model babe holly peers striped top busty babepedia top rated girl holly peers big boobs tank top babepedia top rated big breasted holly peers highest rated girls babepedia 2017 busty Holly Peers big giant tits armpits at babepedia Holly Peers american flag fishnet top by the pool Holly peers gart belt lingerie big natural boobs for babepedia Holly Peers cowgirl in daisy duke short shorts for Babepedia
#1 Top Rated Babepedia Babe, Lucy Pinder

This GG breasted glamour model has been our #1 babe for quite some time.  It’s easy to see why.  With her firm body, giant GG tits and maybe even the fact she was born in a place called WIN-CHESTER, England!?  This British glamour babe has natural breasts and looks just as sexy in a sport-top as she does a micro g-string.  Let’s stop talking and get to the Lucy Pinder good stuff!

Lucy Pinder busty GG top rated popular glamour babe on babapedia 2017 Lucy Pinder in black lingerie big tits babepedia rated 2017 lucy pinder white tennis dress busty babepedia top rated 2017 busty topless lucy pinder in stockings pantyhose babepedia top rated 2017 Lucy Pinder big tits bikini poolside top rated Babepedia 2017
And there you have it!  Babepedia’s Top 5 Babes, as voted by our amazing registered users.

Don’t forget to check daily for new babe picture galleries on our homepage at www.babepedia.com and see the full list of our 100 Top Rated Babes here!

Please comment your thoughts on this post, rate it, love it, hate it, just don’t break it 😉

Thanks everyone for voting, commenting and just generally interacting with the community so much!  We love you like you love Lucy Pinder!