Jerk Mate Review—The Perfect Site in Finding your Next Jerk Buddy

Are you looking for a slight change of tune when it comes to your porn experience? Then try using sex cams to find your new favorite jerk off buddy! This could be the only change you need to get your libido up and running again. And if you want to try exploring the world of webcam sex, then we suggest that you try

Jerk Mate is a new sex cam site that promises you to “never jerk off alone again.” And thanks to thousands of beautiful, horny cam models they have on the site, you will never have to. Find the perfect jerk buddy who can join you in your nightly masturbation sessions on the couch.

And because their desire is to be more inclusive to everyone, Jerk Mate is not just for guys who are looking for sexy jerk mates. This site also caters to others who are looking for guy cam models, couples, and transsexuals. To access the last two catalogs, just click the “Advanced Search” found at the bottom of the search box.

To get you started though, you must first register for an account. On the homepage, click on the “Create Your Free Account” button at the top of the page. You can either log in using your existing Google account or enter a valid email address and have it verified.

Once you are logged in, you can now access their catalog of cam models. Each cam girl specializes in one or more porn categories most of us love. Feel free to choose one cam girl as a jerk buddy based on category, location, and the language they speak.

If you can’t decide from the thousands of cam models they have on hand, don’t worry. Jerk Mate would happily take it off your hands. Firstly, you must go back to the homepage before you logged in. You will then be greeted by Jerky, Jerk Mate’s mascot robot, and personal assistant. He will ask you a series of questions that would help him find a girl that best matches your ideal cam model. Answering him is totally optional, of course.

In the homepage, you will find a random cam window. This space will randomly pair you up with a cam girl that best matches the descriptions you gave to Jerky. But even if you chose to ignore this adorable robot, you still get to have a random cam girl popping up in your random cam. If you like the recommendation, just click on her profile or type in her username in the search box on the main page, and jerk away!

If it so happens that you did not like what Jerky just showed you, you can always click on the “Random Cam” button at the top of the window to bring you to the next random model. You can abuse it as many times as you want. But you need to decide quickly. You don’t want to spend the whole night clicking on a button instead of jerking, right?

The good news about this site is that you don’t have to pay a dime to enjoy their content. Most of their sex cam shows are free and available 24/7. So if you want to explore the world of sex cams without having to pay for a premium membership, then we suggest you try Jerk Mate now!



Sex Emulator Porn Gaming Review

Porn games are slowly but surely becoming a new thing in the porn world. With this genre, gamers who often have the secret fantasy of fucking their favorite video game characters can now do so, albeit virtually. And where else to play a sexy, 18+ porn parody of your favorite computer games than at

Sex Emulator is a premium porn gaming site that allows you to have access to hundreds and hundreds of porn games at your own leisure. They have porn parody versions of pop culture shows and games such as Grand Fuck AutoBatman: Hard Knight Rises, and Adult Mutant Ninja Turtles.

To give you a wonderful glimpse of what this site can offer you, all you need to do is visit their homepage. From there, you will be greeted by a hot, naked female simulator that you can play with and customize to become the ideal cam girl you have always wanted.

Do you want an Asian brunette with tiny tits that would gladly satisfy your fantasy for teen porn? Or maybe you want the black, curvy woman because you want to watch her jiggle her boobs right in front of you. Feel free to change her race, hair color, and tit size until she becomes the porn girl you like.

Now that you have created her, it’s time to play! At the right side of the screen, you will see the skills she has a sex neophyte. As her controller, your job is to transform her from a shy, reluctant girl into a confident sex goddess. For that, you need to let her practice on the skills she is lacking. The buttons on the left side of the screen will help you with that.

On the left side, you will see buttons that correspond to different sexual activities that you can command her to do. For Level 1, you can push her to spank herself, do a blowjob with her sex toy, place said sex toy in her ass, play with her tits, and tease you with her feet. You can focus on the activities that she needs to enhance her skills on, or you can just say fuck it and force her to do all of it! With this simulator, you can release your dominant streak and command this overly willing submissive to do anything you want.

Once she reaches her full potential, she gets to be leveled up! However, if you want to continue to play with her, you have to sign up. As previously mentioned, Sex Emulator is a premium porn gaming site, so Yes, to enjoy the full content they have, you have to register and enter your credit card details. As soon as you do, though, you automatically get a 2-day free trial membership to give you ample time to check out what this wonderful site has to offer.

Now, what does Sex Emulator has in store for everyone? Aside from hundreds of porn game titles, they also have free live sex cams, HD porn videos that you can download unlimitedly and in any device, and—get this—exclusive virtual porn videos! Sex Emulator is truly a haven for hardcore gamers who are into porn as well.

With all this and more, Sex Emulator is not just a typical porn gaming site. It is actually a one-stop-shop for all your porn needs. And with only $39.95 monthly subscription, you can access the best porn video games, live sex cams, and amazing porn videos all in one place!

Babe Spotlight: Brandi Love

Today we are talking about a magnificent MILF, and her name is Brandi Love.

Brandi always knew how to make your day. 
Either that be with her hardcore scenes or just regular nude posing.

She started her own site back in 2004, and from then she produced iconic adult scenes. 

From 2011 Brandi made quite some involvements with some of the biggest studios like such as Brazzers, Girlfriends Films, Hustler Video, Tom Byron Pictures, and Wicked Pictures
In 2016 Brandi Love controversially supported Donald Trump for President on Twitter.

If you wish to see some hot images and maybe videos of Brandi Love, please feel free to visit her profile page on Babepedia. We will be updating her profile in the near future, so be sure to check out some fresh content of her.

Babe Spotlight: Putri Cinta

We present to you a new babe Putri Cinta, that have just fairly recently got featured on our site

Putri Cinta was born in and grew up in Java Indonesia, and she was pretty popular in high school. She moved to Bali so she can start modeling back in 2017. 

Being a fashion and nude art model, Putri was discovered by Playboy on Instagram. Her first nude shoot for Playboy Plus was made in August 2018. 
Bellow, you can find her Instagram profile.

View this post on Instagram

Good girls go to heaven Bad girls go to everywhere

A post shared by Putri Cinta (@putriwithlove) on

To find out more about this babe, visit her profile on Babepedia where you will see some of her galleries as well as some basic information.
If you want to get the top quality content from Putri, then visit her site here.

Worth mentioning is that Putri enjoys cooking, hitting the gym and going to beach parties in her spare time.

Sex has no expiration date

In the adult industry today, it’s really hard to find quality content of older people anywhere. Whether that been average stock photo site or a porn site.

We here on Babepedia, take pride in showing that sexiness doesn’t have an expiration date.

The media today is trying to make us believe that “sexy” equals “young”. Not only that this is not true, but it also can be harmful.

And we in the adult industry must be at the forefront of tackling this myth.

In the latest adult news, the thing that caught our attention was a story about Erika Lust’s new project that goes by the name “Soulsex”, in which sex educators Annie and John discuss their sex life in an interview before having sex together on the camera. The cool thing about this scene is the fact that both of them are in their early 70s.

Age can have some sort of impact on the way of how your body responds to sexual stimulation. But age does not erode the desire or ability to have sex.

While everyone will have a different experience, and there is a huge variation, many people report that their sex life continues to improve as they get older, this is because with age they are becoming more comfortable in their own skin and are better at articulating their desires.

“With luck, we will all grow old, and as we get older we should be able to continue enjoying sex and masturbation without shame or societal stigma”

Babe Spotlight: Leanna Decker

We had a post a while back in 2017, about Leanna Decker. Back then this amazing babe was racking up her popularity in the Top Redheads category.

Two years have passed from then, and this babe has progressed way up from then. Right now, Leanna Decker is number 1 on Babepedia Babe Top 25 list.

It doesn’t come to a surprise that she is on our number one spot, this delicious adult model has been picked for Playboy Cybergirl twice (in 2011 and 2012).

We do hope that this babe will continue to win more achievements and keep that number one spot for more time to come.

For her full bio and stats, visit Leanna Decker profile page on Babepedia, where you will find also links to some of her best galleries and images.

Babe Spotlight: Lisa Ann

If you are spending 40 % of your time watching porn, or you are just a casual porn lover we are pretty sure that you have heard of Lisa Ann.

Lisa Ann

Without a doubt, Lisa Ann is the most known name in the porn business until she retired in 2014. But, you might guess it by now that she has made a come back to the industry, and you can see that from the Instagram post below.

AVN stated that she has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Evil Angel and with that she will control all aspects of her new movies.

Lisa has stated on her Twitter:

“I am producing, directing, writing, picking the music, photos & all my talent!”

To check out biography, stats, profile page, links that contain pictures and video galleries, click here.

Exhibitionist Babes on Planes and Trains, Oh my!

Have you ever wondered if hotties ever get so horny and naughty that they would just strip down and get naked on a whim? Here are some girls who did just that and I have to believe the world is now a better place.

These tawdry nudes are brought to you by the world’s best glamour babe site, Babepedia!


Sexy Santa Babes

I put together a little collection of sexy babes dressed in the holiday spirit. So what if I’m a day late and a dollar short? They’re still hot! It’s still kind of the holidays and I just wanted to spread a little holiday tits and ass.

Happy holidays from everyone at Babepedia!

What is Santa doing here? I don’t know, either. But I like it!

Arousr FREE Sex Chat Review

If you’re looking for a great place to adult chat with women, you can’t go wrong with Arousr. Because you know what? Here, girls are more real that you could imagine. From the fearless brunette with a wild imagination to the sweet and sexy twenty-one years old blondie. You will be able to stimulate your sexual appetite until your body will scream in pleasure.

Most adult chat websites will rarely put you in contact with real women. But Arousr, on the other side, will deliver you authentic girls with real sex appetite. For you to be able to have the best experience of your life, in the most erotic representation. Other similar platforms, will often bring into the scene a man who will pretend to be a woman or some bot for you to talk with. Rather than a real perfect dirty slut in a chat. This way you have to be smart, to go with the professionals and you will enjoy the hottest adult chat ever.

Go Fetish

Nobody wants to start chatting with some ordinary girl with no imagination or sexual natural needs. So why bother with some other adult chat websites, when facts are showing that Arousr is bringing to the table treasures like fun. Sexy and sweet black girls who like to be dominated and humiliated, undercover freak blondie girls who will send you all types of pictures. Or it can be a warm and shy girl with crystal eyes.

The Benefits

Arousr is on top, not only because the user will watch the best private show by having the opportunity to choose girls. Of having lots of fetishes, but also because he will end up desiring this nasty world like hell. When it comes to feeling the vibes in your body, you become nervous and your mind starts to go crazy. All you have to do is to take into your hands the phone and text her a message. It`s too simple to be true, I know, but when you`ll start to taste the filling of a domineer or the filling of submission you will no longer need to change that for any circumstance. So, tell me … do you like nudity?

The Niche Sex Chat

People are attracted to lots of things, but do they know that not every shiny thing it`s a diamond? What I`m saying is that you will never want to talk with a fat, ugly woman that chats with you from the basement of some old granny house. You will want to see the swan from the lake. You will want to see the real sweet petite kitten lounging in bed or you will simply want to hear the voice of an angel blowing in the back of your neck. All of those and more you`ll find here, on Arousr, the adult video chat platform with spices like hardcore, role-play, BDSM, bondage and all the other innocent pleasures that life can offer for a man like you.

Adult Chat Platform

Adult SMS chat allows horny guys, who prefer explicit conversations with Arousr chat hosts. It’s on phone, to be witnesses of what a real woman is by showing them accuracy and professionalism. Let`s be honest and admit that most of the people are looking for quality. In this industry, this is the most important thing nowadays. Why is that, you will ask? Well, because in the end, you will need high-quality videos to enjoy the hardcore sensations. You will need her horny perfect voice that can give you an unforgettable erection. And the last thing that would please your mind would be to notice that you are talking with a man that will pretend to be a woman. On any time of the day or night, Arousr will face the users with a real hot random woman willing to please them by any possible means.

How It Works

What makes it really stand out from the other sites is the perfect combination of sexy girls. The highest technology and all the discretion that a top site can offer. If you want to interact, you are in the right place. The models are extremely attentive and they never miss an opportunity to talk about intellectual topics or to make your fantasies become a reality. The hottest girl, at your choice, will satisfy all your wishes here. She will look up to see what you want and give it to you in her unique way.


You The King

The fact is that Arousr will blow your mind without hesitation. There can be no other way because what it brings to you is actually, what you have always dreamed of and there is no chance to regret any of your money spent or time when mentally and physically you will be king. So, you pretty boy, you nasty guy or maybe you stunning man, do any of you want to know what real girls are?

Arousr Babes

All babes are talented and ready to answer your deepest questions. The things that will happen on Arousr will be always anonymous. Therefore, by the end of this article, we have to give Arousr what it deserves. Additionally, you can check out all the nasty photos and hot videos as well. From there to the point when you will no longer resist it`s only a small step. And Arousr will make sure to be in the front of your door. Finally, the best piece of advice would be to only do what you’re comfortable with. But do it on Arousr! This platform shows to the world, that it is possible for every consumer. To taste sexting at a totally different level enjoying the sex in any possible way. The hottest words coming from the wettest girl featuring in a private video chat … this will erect all your senses.

Be the best! Save your time for the perfect match and take into your mind the girl that will be on her knees when you`ll ask for! Be that kind of man that a sweetheart craves for and do it on damn Arousr