Babes In The Spotlight (May 2021)

There are many reasons for you to love May. Beautiful weather (in most of the Northern Hemisphere), flowers are blooming, and here on Babepedia, that means a new monthly spotlight

Penthouse Pet Of The Month

We are starting this list with the Penthouse Pet for May, and her name is Tru Kait. She is a porn star, and Instagram model from sunny California. She has everything, starting from the looks, and the bombastic body. Over the past years, she accumulated a nice following on her social media pages. Her Instagram as of the time of writing this post has 1.6 mil followers, and she runs an OnlyFans page. Her profile on Babepedia has a good amount of content, and the new one is in the making. 

Twistys Treat Of The Month

Twistys picked their Treat for May, and her name is Aubree Valentine. Aubree is a 23 years old porn star from Las Vegas. her girl next door looks make her stand out of her competition. When you add her natural skills to be the best in anything she does, you have a cocktail for success. During her career as a porn star, this babe worked with Digital Playground, Twistys, Reality Kings. Stop by her profile here on Babepedia, as we plan to add some fresh galleries of this babe in the future. 

CherryPimp Cherry Of The Month

CherryPimps have chosen their Cherry for May and to be honest, we are proud of their choice for Charlotte Sins. This pretty-faced and tall blonde was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on August 15, 1996. Her introduction to the porn industry started when she was at college. During that time she was selling her panties, and afterward, she started with pictures and videos. She has made a lot of scenes, solo, girl-on-girl, and hardcore ones with studios such as Passion HD, We Fuck Black Girls, Raw Attack. To see more about this babe make sure to visit her profile here on Babepedia.

Nubiles Flavor Of The Month

Lacy Lennon in red lingerie

Nubiles always knew how to choose the best model out there, and that’s the case for this month as well. For Nubiles Flavor Of The Month May, they have chosen Lacy Lennon. This blue-eyed redhead was born in Louisiana, January 23, 1997. This babe has a great pair of 32B tits, round, firm butt, and awesome legs. Since she debuted in 2018 this porn star has made so far 55 scenes, and you can’t decide which of those scenes is the best. There is not much info about the private life of this stunning redhead, but we will try to fetch as much info as possible about her. Be sure to check her profile out here on Babepedia. Her top-rated gallery on Babepedia is this sexy photoshoot by Penthouse.

Playboy Spring Playmate

An honorable mention goes to Hailee Lautenbach, who is the Playboy Spring Playmate. This puts her in the spotlight in April, May, and June. This 26-year old actress and model from Oregon in the US is also known as Hailee Bobailee on social media, where she has over half a million followers on Instagram. She was featured in a music video by Logan Paul and in the 2018 thriller movie, Ride. On her profile page, you’ll find a hot Playboy gallery of hers where she poses in sexy lingerie.


Babe Spotlight: Blake Blossom

In this Babe Spotlight, we are focusing on a porn star and her name is Blake Blossom

Blake Blossom pours lemonade on her boobs.

Blake Blossom is an American porn star and adult model and has gained a lot of traction in the past couple of months. On Babepedia over 200 users gave her a score of 9.05/10. With a loyal fan base like that this babe is only going to grow even more. She has touched the #1 spot earlier this year and will likely be in our top 25 for a while.

Aside from being a pornstar, she’s also an avid gamer as you can see here:

She also created an Instagram profile fairly recently, and at this moment she has 1k followers. We encourage you to visit her profile and drop her a follow. 

Blake Blossom exposes her shaved pussy and breasts.

To see galleries, nude pictures, or even videos of Blake you can do that by visiting her profile here on Babepedia. We have created a good amount of content for you to enjoy in your free time.

Sex at 50-Plus: Benefits of Having It

Sex is one of the most important parts of life. Not only are we products of sex, but also it affirms our identity and spices up our day-to-day lives. Even when you hit 50, you can still explore your sexual desires and live a happy, wholesome life. It is never too late for the experiment, so you can start from mature dating that is more for people that just want you to feel welcome and safe in a warm and comfortable environment. And then openly talk with your partner about new experiences when you get closer to each other.

You need to come up with ways of reinventing your sexual life and exploring new things with your partner. If, for instance, your bedroom has become so monotonous, come up with random sexual sessions, whether it’s in the kitchen, the shower, or even the balcony. You can also take a vacation together to a destination that the both of you love. It takes creativity to maintain the passion and attraction between you and still crave your partner many years down the line.

Health Benefits of Having Sex at Any Age

The news networks should cover this topic more often because sex is actually one of the healthiest activities that you can undertake in life. During intercourse, all parts of your body, mind, and soul work together to bring you pleasure, and as these sweet juices are released into your system, you find negative feelings like stress, clumsiness, and fatigue exiting. Your physique is also subjected to a rigorous activity that burns off the excess calories, strengthens your heart and muscles and so on. People with happy sexual lives tend to have less health problems.

Mature Dating for Sexual Performance

Human beings are wired to love companionship regardless of their age. Right from when we are babies, we respond well to touch and affection. It never stops even when we are past 50, and so it’s a good idea to have a compatible partner who you can enjoy mature dating for sexual performance with. It’s important to choose a partner who is comfortable with your sexual fantasies and willing to experiment because if they are not, you might find yourself sexually frustrated and lonely.

Try Sex Toys with Your Partner for Fun

When was the last time that you used a sex toy with your partner? Sexual creativity is key if you want to have some pleasurable dating. You can watch some sex movies to get a taste of some new styles and sex toys to try out. Adopting BDSM in your fifties, for instance, can turn your sex life around and give you a renewed zeal for life. You might find so much pleasure having your partner blindfold and tie you up and whip you sensationally while working on your clit with a vibrator. You can always try different toys and see which ones both of you like.

Swingers Clubs

There are many ways to have sexual fun, even in your senior years. One way is by joining swingers clubs where you and your partner can hook up with another couple looking to spice up things. If you have been feeling bored with your partner, you can have a taste of something new, which might rekindle the affection and desire for your partner. There are so many swingers clubs that you can find online. Whether you just want a plus one to have a threesome or you want to tango with another couple, you can rest assured that someone out there is looking for the same thing.

Be active and creative, and you will find a lot of ways how to diversify your private life. Moreover, it is so useful for your life and health!