Ines Rau, Transgender Playmate – To Profile or Not To Profile?

The results are in, and the No’s and the I don’t care votes account for about 66%.  Therefore, the community has spoken and we will not be adding a profile for Ines Rau at this time. That does not mean that we may not add Ines’s profile at a later time.

Thank you to all who voted, and we understand many are quite passionate about this issue, on both sides of the debate.  We respect the opinions of both sides and thank you for your participation in helping to shape Babepedia in the way you, as a community, wish.

Final results screenshot:

ines rau transgender profile poll

10 thoughts on “Ines Rau, Transgender Playmate – To Profile or Not To Profile?”

  1. I’m not sure, but i think this page is about babes (girls) not another one, maybe in the future one transgender will be included but not today.

  2. For me, it’s a “yes”.

    I know some people don’t like her/him. But IMHO, she’s a woman and she deserves her own page. If people don’t like her, they don’t have to read this page.

    If this page isn’t created, fo me, it’s discrimination (like few decades ago when some people didn’t want black playmates).

  3. As long as Ines is in the trans gender category and the men in the men and the women in the women.

    Freedom to choose, even if it’s not my choice.

  4. Do you stop there, or do you ten create pages for transvestites, transexuals, hermaphrodites, and anyone temporarily identifying as a woman? Pretty soon you’re just another freak site.

  5. I want to relate a story: After making friend to a girl, I have had a date. I didn’t feel anything because of I respected her for the first time, then I saw a picture on the bed, I asked her: – Is this your young brother? – No, baby!, – Oh, your brother? – No, honey!, – Oh, who, It seems like you!?, – Oh, that’s me, before I have a transgender, last year!
    I am really despairing!

  6. I had to come back because this bothers me.

    Why did you put this up for a vote? Did we vote on everyone?

    There are woman on this site who’s looks could scare the life out of a village! Did we vote?

    If people are struggling with their own sexuality, I wish them well, this is not the place for it.

    Ines needs a page!

  7. Hi Dan. Ines was different because we have a longstanding no-cock policy here. We wanted to put this particular issue up for discussion/vote to see if the community felt we should continue to stick to this policy or not. I hope you understand.

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