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Mary Nabokova

aka Marina Nabokina / Мария Набокова 

Mary Nabokova alias list:
Marina Nabokina
Мария Набокова - Different alphabet (Russian, ...)
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About Mary Nabokova

Mary Nabokova is a Russian model and social media Influencer. She moved to the United States to further her social media career and now lives in Los Angeles, California.

She was associated with Evgeniya Lvovna, a Russian fashion model and influencer. She began her modeling career as a child model and is now a professional model. She is represented by Mavrin models and has worked with other Mavrin models, such as Cristy Ren and Nata Lee.

Mary Nabokova Performances

Solo: Nudity (Implied Nudity Only)

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User comments

She is a smoking, hot, gorgeous babe. Her natural, big, beautiful tits are spectacular. I love her nice bubble, butt.

Posted by Gmec472682023-09-18 08:56 (edited 2023-09-18 08:56)  

Unpopular opinion: She's hot, yes, but still overrated. Definitely not a 9.15/10 (627 votes) kinda hot.

Posted by Horny-IT-Guy2023-08-31 14:10  

Who should be a 9.15 in your opinion?

Posted by pempas2023-09-09 23:47  

Great question. Both Deschanel sisters, as well as the Michalkas. Laura Marano, Dove Cameron… And others.

Posted by Horny-IT-Guy2023-09-10 20:36  

I think Nabokova is way hotter than any of these. But that's my personal opinion. You certainly have a different type.

Posted by pempas2023-09-12 14:08  

She is Gorgeous with an Awesome Body

Posted by ilove2lickawoman2023-07-28 20:32  

Those fake tits are horrid, probably why she doesnt show them! She doesnt want everyone to see the implant scars!

Posted by DJnyc692023-07-20 23:21  

So what ???

Posted by mmikemano562023-07-23 14:52  

Lol, they're very much real.

Posted by lilliput982023-07-24 01:50  

Lol, they aren't fake.

Posted by pempas2023-08-11 15:46  

Another girl that won't show her tits. She shouldn't be on this website!

Posted by superscorer20032023-07-09 20:20  

This is babepedia, not boobpedia.

Posted by Raelian_Star2023-07-10 01:03  

Who is the last girl?

Posted by Thedetective2023-05-23 18:22  

I don't know, but it sure looks like a different girl.

Posted by Raelian_Star2023-05-23 20:45  

Gorgeous women with magnificent all natural tits!

Posted by Gmec2023-05-21 19:43  

Do you really think those tots are real? Bro, you are naive!

Posted by DJnyc692023-07-20 23:22  

Mary Nabokova is very beautiful,i would would love to be her boyfriend A+100 were can i write to Mary Nabokova

Posted by pooh512023-05-08 05:28  

She doesn't have a forehead she has a five head lol

Posted by Lol332023-05-01 13:41  

Stunning blonde with delicious big natural boobs 🥰😍🥰

Posted by booblover892023-04-16 09:41  

Yuhuh, mind you, there's loads of those.

Posted by lilliput982023-04-17 11:16  

i would like to sex her up

Posted by dude1232023-04-11 11:11  

This chick could tell me to my face she's a soviet spy and I'd still let her do what she will

Posted by Iknowthebestboobies2023-02-06 04:59  

I hate teasers. Seriously, why not just show the fucking goods... ?

But she is a total hottie. I love Russian women.

Posted by artie2022-11-29 05:27  

And she started at 24? I wonder why she started relatively late.

And the start fact that she lives in America lets me know I have a chance :)

Posted by Artie2022-11-29 21:28  

Note 10!

Posted by erwin762022-10-16 13:39  

goddamn her boobs !!! she's awesome her titfuck would be so good , who agrees ?

Posted by HadiDeebah14142022-07-07 19:05  

She's a Tit-Goddess for sure. ♥

Posted by IssacClown3692022-08-29 05:26  

Hell yeah. I'd titfuck her until my cock catches fire.

Posted by artie2022-11-29 05:28  

Pretty,cute,lovely girl

Posted by Windsurfer122022-06-21 05:15  

I would be her slave and puppet and do literally everything she wants.

Posted by AddicitonToBabies2022-05-07 14:58  

Don't think she is interested in that lol

Posted by SidneyA2022-05-18 02:19  

Beautiful girl 100% natural!!!!!

Posted by DelijaizValjeva2022-03-10 01:04  

I hope she does nude photos. It hurts that we can't see her naked.

Posted by NYG20122022-02-06 02:51  

I hope she is real.

Posted by poluza1122022-01-30 12:48  

With Russian models you don't know anymore.

Posted by AppWear2022-02-01 14:12  

why not?

Posted by Skyliner892022-02-06 03:33  

Russian models are known to use face filters.

Posted by SidneyA2022-03-16 13:28  

Vamerea filters, photoshop, implants, silicone tits and lips, face lifts, nose jobs, dye jobs, fake teeth/veneers/dental implants, tons of airbrushing. russian whores are all 100% fake! thats a FACT!

Posted by DJnyc692023-07-20 23:25  

What difference does it make???

Posted by rfarmon1872022-04-08 00:11  

It's like falling in love with a video game character. I'm not quite sure you understand the difference between real and make-believe. Do you get hot for Betty Boop, and Olive Oil from Popeye?

Posted by FatBoySlim2023-02-26 01:54 (edited 2023-02-26 01:56)  


Posted by azeri982021-12-18 23:10  

Russian or not, this beauty makes me drop to my knees and beg for butter milk. (MOVIE QUOTE)

Posted by Telsta12021-12-12 21:58  

Haha, True Lies

Posted by artie2022-11-29 05:25  

Both have Russian backgrounds and are top notch.

Posted by lilliput982021-12-08 04:17  

Her and Nadya Nabokova (aka Bunny Colby) are 2 of my faves.

Posted by lilliput982021-12-08 04:16  


Posted by Alejandro2022-08-03 02:36  

Yeah dude.

Posted by lilliput982022-08-05 03:40  

I highly doubt she is from Kazakhstan. Her facial features are that of a Western European.

Posted by Raelian_Star2021-09-01 05:57  

And what do you know about women.?

Posted by lilliput982021-09-05 15:31  

Well I did study Anthropology at the University of Chicago...

Posted by Raelian_Star2021-09-07 06:50  


Posted by Cwdkidman2021-08-30 18:27  

My favorite model with Nata Lee. I adore her: angelic face, outstanding body. PERFECT

Posted by WinterDemon2021-08-16 15:28  

L.O.L. Laughing Out Loud. Of course, they are the photographs with a different model. The Photographer has posted the same content for all the girls. The super funny posts are on their O.F. pages where the photographer does FAKE selfies

Posted by badassblum2023-08-09 17:19  

Looks like I've got a new favourite.

Posted by lilliput982021-07-23 02:29  

Prediction, She will be #1 by July 9- July 19

Posted by Gander2021-06-19 22:53  

3 days off, but I'll take it

Posted by Gander2021-07-23 02:05  

From #32,813 to #1 in a single day. There is something very fishy with BP's algorithm...

Posted by l77772021-07-23 22:14  

Pages usually remain ranked at the bottom until they get a certain amount of votes, then BP calculates the average

Posted by Zyxwvuts112021-07-24 14:36  

And the next day she's down to #2913. My guess is that someone plays the algorithm by creating a bunch of fake accounts, voting 10 for her in a very short time span on each account, she shoots to the top very briefly, then the next day when stats are recalculated her score plummets.

Posted by l77772021-07-24 21:35  

the way it works is the girl is all listed in alphabetical order, so Mary was ranked at #32,813, As some as the votes hit 16, There will be a rating but not listed in ranks yet (9.53)t. When they hit 21 votes is when it gets placed in the ranking pool, ranked #1 with a 9.5 rating. Once she is in the top order, everybody starts voting. They probably cast their votes towards the lower side (1 Star) because, it Interferes with their favorite at #1 (Nata Lee, Elizabeth turner, etc...). The following day after the votes are in and gets tallied with the low-end votes, around 8 PM est, she gets moved down (#2913). As of now, she is ranked at 293 so people are voting her up.

Posted by rikki66662021-10-01 15:14  

Wish that she was no.1 on the 6th July lol.

Posted by lilliput982021-12-08 04:04